Diary from McConnell’s Mill

McConnells Mill State Park is located about 55 miles from Pittsburgh. The park features a deep scenic gorge with the restored watermill and a covered bridge at the bottom. There are several trails in the park, including a pair that lead to a waterfall. Its been a while I haven’t to hiking and thought of going to McConnells Mill with my camera bag.

The first waterfall is Alpha falls. I park in the Alpha pass and follow the trail sign. There are some stairs to go down to the falls.

Ziaur Rahman Photography: Landscape &emdash;

After spending an hour on the Alpha falls I headed to the picnic area where I parked my and follow the trail to get down the watermill. The mill has a dam area that has a man made waterfall. So my next water falls is Kildoo Trail, It begins and ends at the McConnells Mill Covered Bridge and follows the banks of Slippery Rock Creek.

Ziaur Rahman Photography: Landscape &emdash;

Ziaur Rahman Photography: Landscape &emdash;
Ziaur Rahman Photography: Landscape &emdash;

Ziaur Rahman Photography: Landscape &emdash;

Ziaur Rahman Photography: Landscape &emdash;

Ziaur Rahman Photography: Landscape &emdash;

Trip to Allegheny National Forest (Part II)

….continued from my last post “Trip to Allegheny National Forest (Part I)“. So We spent the night on a motel in Benezette Township, Elk County. The motel was a small one but pretty cozy and it costs us $30 per room. According to the 2000 census Benezette’s human population was estimated at 227 people, which by many estimates is a fraction of the Elk population in the area. After some good homestyle breakfast we started our day.

The first destination of the day was Elk County Visitor Center. The main purpose of visiting the center to see some Elks. But unfortunately couldn’t see the Elk, rather a found a chipmunk. As I was pointing my camera towards him, he was started giving some nice pose…lol

From Elk County Visitor center we headed to Bucktail view point. Now its important that while driving to Bucktail view the cell phone are non functional here. So we are communication with each other with wireless set. On other hand the roads are unprotected and dangerous. I like drive on such roads, they are fun. After driving almost 45 mins or so on such uneven roads we finally reached Bukctail view point and from there you can see some amazing views of the vistas. The sky was little overcast and it was almost noon. I really hate taking photos on such conditions.




I would like to mention that we have seen a lot of natural spring water inside ANF. Believe me spring water is so sweet and tasty. never tried it before. So My friend Kevin loaded his truck with few spring water jugs and we never felt the shortage of water. So, from Bucktail view point we headed to some unknown destination in search of water falls. Infect we lost few times. We found one small water fall right across the road. Its a small one but nice one.

To be honest I have no idea about the location of the above water falls. The same story for the below one. But its somewhere in Quehanna wild area.


Finally we got to see some Elk while returing back to St. Mary via Elk state forest. The Elk’s were standing right across the road and few of them were crossing the road very easily. I can’t stop myself to get the camera and capture them.


Thank you very much and have a nice weekend ahead.

Trip to Allegheny National Forest (Part I)

A trip to Allegheny National Forest was planning from long time within our photographers group. But when it come into reality only 4 us of who can make it happen. One of my photographer friend Kevin was our Guide. He is the real Hero. The day when we were starting our trip we all met at ‘Bob Evans” just off Rt28 exit 11 at Harmer, PA. After a great breakfast we all were set to start our trip. I asked Kevin, can you please give the location address so that I can put it on my GPS. He replied that “Its in my Head”….I asked again and he replied the same. I said never mind I will keep following you wherever you go.

Our Plan was to cover some of the water falls on the way to ANF. So our first destination was Rapp Run Falls in Lower (Clarion, PA). This small series of falls is easy to get to taking 5th Avenue North out of town and branching off on Bigley Road.


After spending 1hr or so we headed next to Logan Falls in Forest County, PA. This place is tough to get to and includes a down hill hike which is relatively easy to get to, but climbing back out is another story.


Our next stop of the day was Pigeon Run Falls, Marienville, PA. I would say this one of the most interesting water falls so far we had covered. Its interesting because we had to walk almost 30 minutes through some narrow trails(scary also) and once we reached there the conditions were perfect. By the time we reached the Pigeon Falls it was almost 5:30 PM and less sun light. That means good for some long exposure.


From Pigeon Run Falls we headed straight to Benezette. On the way to Benezette we got to see some Elk. By the time we reach Benezette it was too late and we call it a day.

Butter Milk Falls…

For today’s post I am heading to Western Pennsylvania and I will be sharing with you Butter Milk falls in Beaver County. As legend goes, the falls were named in the Civil War era when the train stopped in Homewood Junction and a group of young folks went for a picnic at the falls. They toasted to Buttermilk Falls, and the falls have been known that way ever since.


Buttermilk Falls is a 35′ plunge on Clark Run in Homewood Pennsylvania. The area is geologically recognized as home to Homewood Sandstone used locally in bridge piers, tunnels, roadways and in the construction of Western Penitentiary in Pittsburgh.


There is a railroad above the falls, and the gorge below the falls was used as a quarry. You can see evidence of the holes they drilled to remove blocks of stone. But despite all that, it is still a pretty waterfall, and very easy to visit. This is a classic plunge waterfall, and you can easily walk behind it without getting wet.

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Cucumber Falls….

As My last post was on Fallingwater, So today’s post I am heading to Cucumber falls and its picnic area in Ohiopyle state park. With its 30 foot drop and gorgeous ravine, it is no wonder that many visitors to Ohiopyle put Cucumber Falls on their ‘must-see’ list. As you get close to Cucumber Falls the mist from the waterfall makes everything wet..and slippery.


Another great place to see near to this falls is Cucumber falls picnic area. A nice isolated area covered by dense woods. Great place for hiking and photography. Below is one of the stream in the Cucumber falls picnic area which carries normally very less water. I like the low POV here.


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