Winter Diary – Ohio Pyle, Falling water and Cucumber Falls

Well we are still getting snow and I always love to go out when its snowing. But it’s not so easy to go out and explore places. Last weekend we have got enough snow. I was planning to go to Ohio Pyle in South West Pennsylvania, from long time during the snow. But finally i made it there. While driving to ohio pyle we have got plenty of snow which makes driving very hard. But Toyota FJ Cruiser made everything easy. I was wondering how its looking today and stunt by seeing it on its live cam. So did a quick stop at falling water. When we reached falling water may be 5 or 6 visitors were there and probably we were the last.


After spending an hour in Falling headed to Ohio pyle. The snow stopped and weather was getting clear thats means COLD. Yes when we reached ohio Pyle state park area it was freezing cold but couldn’t stop us to get out of our car. IMG_6233_s

Before the weather gets more cold we headed to Cumcumber falls. I have seen few photos of snow covered cucumber falls from fellow photographers but looking with own naked eyes was gorgeous. I had to very careful while walking down to the fall as its was so slippery and icy condition. IMG_6298_299_300_s

Though weather was not good, it was snowy, windy and not a ideal condition to walk but happy with the results. I have got some really amazing photos. Thank you all for you kind visit and comments.

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