Trip to Allegheny National Forest (Part II)

….continued from my last post “Trip to Allegheny National Forest (Part I)“. So We spent the night on a motel in Benezette Township, Elk County. The motel was a small one but pretty cozy and it costs us $30 per room. According to the 2000 census Benezette’s human population was estimated at 227 people, which by many estimates is a fraction of the Elk population in the area. After some good homestyle breakfast we started our day.

The first destination of the day was Elk County Visitor Center. The main purpose of visiting the center to see some Elks. But unfortunately couldn’t see the Elk, rather a found a chipmunk. As I was pointing my camera towards him, he was started giving some nice pose…lol

From Elk County Visitor center we headed to Bucktail view point. Now its important that while driving to Bucktail view the cell phone are non functional here. So we are communication with each other with wireless set. On other hand the roads are unprotected and dangerous. I like drive on such roads, they are fun. After driving almost 45 mins or so on such uneven roads we finally reached Bukctail view point and from there you can see some amazing views of the vistas. The sky was little overcast and it was almost noon. I really hate taking photos on such conditions.




I would like to mention that we have seen a lot of natural spring water inside ANF. Believe me spring water is so sweet and tasty. never tried it before. So My friend Kevin loaded his truck with few spring water jugs and we never felt the shortage of water. So, from Bucktail view point we headed to some unknown destination in search of water falls. Infect we lost few times. We found one small water fall right across the road. Its a small one but nice one.

To be honest I have no idea about the location of the above water falls. The same story for the below one. But its somewhere in Quehanna wild area.


Finally we got to see some Elk while returing back to St. Mary via Elk state forest. The Elk’s were standing right across the road and few of them were crossing the road very easily. I can’t stop myself to get the camera and capture them.


Thank you very much and have a nice weekend ahead.

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