Butter Milk Falls…

For today’s post I am heading to Western Pennsylvania and I will be sharing with you Butter Milk falls in Beaver County. As legend goes, the falls were named in the Civil War era when the train stopped in Homewood Junction and a group of young folks went for a picnic at the falls. They toasted to Buttermilk Falls, and the falls have been known that way ever since.


Buttermilk Falls is a 35′ plunge on Clark Run in Homewood Pennsylvania. The area is geologically recognized as home to Homewood Sandstone used locally in bridge piers, tunnels, roadways and in the construction of Western Penitentiary in Pittsburgh.


There is a railroad above the falls, and the gorge below the falls was used as a quarry. You can see evidence of the holes they drilled to remove blocks of stone. But despite all that, it is still a pretty waterfall, and very easy to visit. This is a classic plunge waterfall, and you can easily walk behind it without getting wet.

Thank you very much for your visit/like/comments.

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