Fall in Love with Fallingwater…

Fallingwater is the name of a very special house that is built over a waterfall. Architecture enthusiasts from around the world make the pilgrims to Fallingwater, a magnificent home built in 1937 on a water fall by Americas most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Write, designed the house for his clients, the Kaufmann family. It is, after all, on the Smithsonian’s “Life list” of 28 places to visit before you die. _MG_9057_58_59_60_s

After I reached the Visitor Center I decided to go self guided tour rather guided tour so that i can spent more time in exploring the places. As I walk down the board walk from the Visitors Center I began to hear Bear Run. Bear Run is the lively mountain stream that nourishes this tiny, forested valley. Below are some picture while walking down the Bear Run.


_MG_8972 copy

As photography is prohibited inside, I decided not to go inside the Kaufmann Residence, rather spent more time out side the house to see the beauty of both the architecture and the nature. Then i headed to the paradise overlook hike which lead me to the four-bay carport, servants’ quarters, and a guest house. The guest quarters feature a spring-fed swimming pool which overflows and drains to the river below. The image below is the view of the swimming pool and I like this view much then from other directions.

Hope you all like the Fallingwater and also you all will fall in love with fallingwater.

Thank you so much!!!

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